Morphology: Magmabite

Magmabites (Peleus Colossus) are colossal, sentient, Agressive magma beings that have an outer Igneous rock shell. Magmabites live in Big Supervolcanoes, Giant Magma Chambers, and Heat Caverns.

The Magmabite Specimen viewed from all sides: The Normal ones (Top) And the Tougher ones (Bottom).



Magmabites have the ability to fuse Electricity and Fire together.

A Magmabite using its plasma ray to melt this chunk of ice.

Magmabites can also Penetrate the ground and create pillars of fire.

Magmabite_Sonic_Owned (1).png
Sonic getting Owned by a Big Magmabite. (Size not to scale)

Even when up close, they can be lethal. They can eject intense heat from their magma cracks, and their eyes and they can slash, and breathe fire at their enemies.




Magmabites are Really Goshdang Colossal.


The size of a Magmabite compared to A Puffball, A Human, Dank Pidley, A Blue Whale, and the Eiffel Tower!!!!



PlasmaGuardian.magma (1).png
A Big Magmabite being Possessed by a Warrior Ing, Thus, the creation of the Plasma Guardian

The Plasma Guardian is a Magmabite possessed by a Warrior Ing. It can only use the plasma ray attack that they can normally use. Once defeated in Geothermal Core, It drops the Plasma Beam.




Like all monsters, these guys have weaknesses. They have an Ability that makes it so that the damage is neutralized and their Defenses are raised when hit with water, but are now weak to Frigid (Ice) Damage.
Samus making quick work out of a Big Magmabite.







The Conclusion: These beasts are a force to be reckoned with, and are an extremely dangerous bioform to encounter.


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