H4LL0W33N 1S C0M1NG M8

This is the post excerpt.


Well, It’s that time of year again. It’s Gonna be Halloween in a monthspoopy

Man, Halloween is my favorite time of the year! Last year, I just handed out candies, being the good little metroid that I am. This year, i’m gonna be equipped with a Creepy…

Untitled drawing.pngHORSE MASK!


Beautiful isn’t it? I Couldn’t agree more! I’ve personally always wanted to be a creepy horse!

Image result for horse mask

…and apparently, so did this cat.Image result for bert stare

… Anyways, It’s gonna be another spooptacular year because i’m walking my dog on Halloween, and her costume is a red dragon.


My favorite part is the candy.

Image result for Kitty and marshmallow

… *Morphology: Metroid-Death Caused due by cuteness overload*

Welp, It’s about time to decorate. If you excuse me, I’ll be Sipping my tea.Image result for kermit sipping tea

Author: gavinthemetroid

lol i like memes and high quality rips and spoopy things

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